At a very contextual level we see two kinds of asset managers. The first are those that believe we are ‘OK as we are’ and that ‘markets will get easier!’ The second is a group that says we must constantly attempt to evolve and improve process.

We only work with the latter.

We are not generalist business coaches and only work with asset managers. We have many testimonials to attest to the quality of our work. We have worked with between 6 and 11 different organisations at any one time. We sometimes work with leaders alone, sometimes with leaders and portfolio management teams and sometimes with just analysts at organisations. Each client will obviously have its unique culture, but here are some commonalities of the clients we have had most success with over the last 10 years.

  • A clear culture that welcomes longer term ‘process’ development more than an obsessive near-term return focus
  • A culture that constantly has hunger to develop and a philosophy of continuous improvement
  • A culture that sponsors self-awareness and low ego
  • A culture that marries human capital development with technology systemization in the investment process